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Closed for construction. This will be turned into a Boy Clique. And a picture gallery, with some links. Just no info! 


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June 18: OK I'm still fixing up the site for easier navigation. But I did add a navigation box down below with a 'home' link. Lastly I added a new poll to the poll section about Boy Bands. So please vote for the hottest guy and the best Boy Band. Not much else.

June 17: Happy Fathers Day! I changed the whole layout, new fonts and everything! No new guys today sorry. I also added Make a Date.

June 15: I added 2 Paul Walker Cliques. I also added a Paul Walker Affilate. I changed the Polls and changed the Top 10 List.  I'm working on a new layout so look for that +hopefully+ coming soon!

June 12: I added Affiliates, Adam Garcia and Cliques. 

June 6 01: I added Guy Of The Week (GOTW). Added Rider Strong.

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