Updates/E-Zine News

NEW SITE: My new site is http://get-me.to/valsgalaxy

Fi or Annie: I added a section for Fi and Annie. Each week there will be a winner, Fi or Annie, depending on who you guys voted for. Also your comments (to send a comment after you vote, scroll down and there will be a comment box) will be posted.

Paranormal: Also coming soon is a paranormal section where I'll find info on the paranormal and write an article about it! I'll try to find paranormal stuff that's been on So Weird.

Help: You can e-mail me with info on the paranormal. Or send me news, info, pictures, comments, or whatever else you think should be in the zine! I would like comments to post about the new layout!

E-Mail: To contact me at iceprincess185@home.com or tiggertiger185@home.com