my journal

Dear Journal, (August 20, 2001) 4:50 pm

Yeah! I got my locker open the on the second try today! Well Amy had to open it once and this morning Katie had to. Last night I went to the mall like at seven and all the stores were closed, except one. It was a shoe store. We were there to get shoes, so it worked out OK. But anyways I was looking at these Adais shoes, you know the ones with the three strips down the side? This dude was like showing me how I could mix and match the shoe laces, and I was all like FREAK! But there's two other shoes I want. There's these cool Nikes but are like $80 and my mom will only pay 20 of it. And I only have $45. Then there's these Skecthers that are $20. So I wouldn't have to pay for any of it. The adais ones are $60. So I have enough money for them. And everyone at school told me to get the adais ones. So I'll probably get those. Sorry this is probably boring you so I'll bounce!


Dear Journal, (Aug. 19, 2001)1:45 pm

I started school Wednesday. Which kind of stinks. Our bus is ALWAYS late to school. And which really stinks is I'm the only one who can't open it. Grrrrrr! The combo is easy, it's 7, 29, 21. Yesterday I went to a winery with my friend. It was OK. It was really hot and windy. In fact I'm talking to my friend I went to the winery with. We're on the phone. See I'm multi talented, I can type, talk and listen all at the same time. BRB. I had to hang up the phone. My mom, bro and Dad are fishing. They left while I was sleeping. I hate to fish anyways. I hate fish period. I'm gonna bounce!