mystery celebrity

Can you guess who this is? I'll give you some clues:

1.There are two of them

2.Their names begin with A and the other M

3.One of their names have a - between a name

If you think you know who it is go below and fill out the form.

<----Mystery Celeb 1

Here's another mystery celebrity.


1. Her CD came out a couple months ago.

2. She has three CD's.

3. Her initials are M M. (A huge clue is below.) Do you know it? E-mail me.

<-----Mystery Celeb 2


1. Her new music video is called Crush.

2. Two singles are Candy and I Wanna Be With You.

3. She's in the Princess Diaries.

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Who is the mystrey celeb 2:


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Sorry I lost the e-mails people sent to me so you have to guess again!