right now

This is what I'm doing like right now, well as I'm updating!

When: August 29th 7:29

Eating: Nothing, but waiting for mom to get home with Jack in the Box

Listening: Nothing

Chatting/Talking To: No one 

Watching: Grounded For Life

Doing: typing

Thoughts: I'm really hungry 

When: August 22nd 4:46

Eating: Heath bites and apple juice

Listening To: nothing

Talking/Chatting To: nothing

Watching: Pop Up Brady (Brady Bunch with all these pop  ups)

Doing: typing

Thoughts: I just wanna go to sleep tonight, but I'm busy. I don't feel like going to school tomorrow 'cause I have a playing test in band. (I play alto saxophone.) Stupid cat get off the table. (My cat's name is Kitty, but we call her Fluffy. That's her middle name.) Yes I know I'm weird, sowwie can't help it, I'm me!!!!

When: August 21st 4:11

Eating: Nothing but going to get a bowel of cereal soon

Listening To: Nothing

Talking/Chatting To: No one 

Watching: Something weird that my dad's watching

Doing: Nothing except  typing

Thoughts: We really need a bigger bus. I can't believe I missed the new So Weird. Dark Angel is on Friday, YEAH! I hope I'm not busy Friday.

When: August 20th 5:40

Eating: Nothing but wishes she was eating a Heath bar

Listening To: Music, Mandy Moore- I Wanna Be With You

Talking/ Chatting To: Mickey

Watching: Catdog (not really watching but it's on the TV) and the computer screen

Doing: Chatting, typing and wishing I was eating a Heath bar

Thoughts: You  should really try Heath bites if you like Heath bars. Especially if you have braces! They don't break them and they're easier to chew.