Ask Alexz

I got a reply from Alexz (below). Now I need more questions to ask Alexz. Please e-mail them to me. Below are some questions that people have sent in.


Here's questions that people have sent me, to ask Alexz. When I get enough I'll send them to Alexz.

What were the auditions for SW like?     Can you still visit Fi's website? 

Will you come out with an album? If so when?  

Is it supposed to look like Clu has a crush on Annie? 

Will you put your lyrics on the Official Alexz Johnson site? (They want to know the lyrics to Push Me  Pull Me.)

Here's some questions asked all ready!

On "The Muse" your brother plays        Do you think that there will ever be a so weird CD?
the Muse but did you think
he was a good character?

I love Erik von Detten and Eric Lively, how are they in real life?
Is there really going to be an
upcoming "so weird" movie
featuring Fi and Annie?
Do you think that there will ever be a so weird CD?
What is your e-mail address? (I don't know if I'll ask that ?.)


Here's what Alexz sent back:
Hi Valerie,  Yes, My brother Matt played Mackenzie's muse. I don't know if they will put out a CD. That would be a good idea, cuz there is enough music. There was talk of a So Weird movie, but I don't know if it will be done. I think that Eric Lively is wonderful, a good friend. I didn't work with Eric Von Detton as much, but he was always nice to me, a real nice guy!!!!!!!! CYA ALEXZ