PRIZES: An award to post on your site. Depending what rank your at you get free pictures and graphics! Also you could win a website!!

FAN FICTION: Come on we have one person writing a fic, you can send in chapter by chapter. We need more people!!!
You can write a fanfiction and send it in to me. It MUST be edited. I will NOT edit it for you! It can be a romance but you need to make it be about something weird or supernatural. I don't want killing in it unless it's about Rick or if the whole story's not about it. So far there isn't a deadline. You can be a judge but that means you can't write a fanfic.

JUDGES (for Fan fic and Caption contest)
1: Valerie (owner of site) 2: Jamie  3: Poppy 4: Open to anyone

This is kind of like What Were They Thinking?. Except you just write a caption for a picture. Nothing about being naked or being gay! You can be a judge for this too.

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WHO'S THAT?: Here you just try to figure out who the picture is of. This one is pretty easy but as time goes on it will get harder!

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QUOTES: Here you try to send in as many quotes as possible. You can send in one at a time or send all at once! The quotes have to be from SW or from a SW cast member! Your name will be put on the Thank Yous page and all the quotes you send in will be put on the Quotes and conversations page with your name and/or link. E-mail me the quotes at put quotes on the subject and make sure your REAL name and e-mail addy is in the e-mail!

ANNIE OR FI: Write a paragraph or so on why they should bring Fi back or why Annie should stay. Or you can write about why one is better than the other. E-mail your paragraph to Please give me your name and e-mail.