Episode Guide

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Season #1
winter/spring 1999

Pilot (never aired)
Fi helps a ghost of a club that her mom is playing at.

Family Reunion (1/18/99)
Molly's new gig in Chicago is in an old waterfront building that turns out to be haunted by a ghost of a drowned boy.

Web Sight(1/18/99)
A mysterious website about her mother warns Fi of an impending accident on the road to Maryland.

Memory (1/25/99)
An entire town in Oklahoma appears to have repressed of a visit of an UFO the previous night.

Sacrifice (2/1/99)
Fi encounters Bigfoot and the skeleton of a Civil War soldier while camping in the Tennesse woods.

Escape (2/8/99)
In Wyoming Fi meets a girl who escapes from her problems, along with her body, via Astral Projection

Simplicity (2/15/99)
The Utah HQ of a major internet software company appears to be infested by real gremlins.

Angel (2/22/00)
A ghostly appearation runs the bus off the road on the way to Cinncinatti; Fi is the match for Gabe's bone marrow transplant.

Strangeling (3/1/99)
Fi finds out the hard way that her Aunt Melinda is using a real book of witchs' spells in a Seattle production of McBeth.

Rebecca (3/15/99)
In Milwaukee, Fi meets a girl with an uncanny resemblence to dissapeared childhood friend of her mom's, with the same name.

Tulpa (aka PK) (3/29/99)
Fi thinks that her new friend James can move objects with his mind, while he insists that it is his imaginary friend.

Singularity (4/5/99)
Jack's lost baseball leads Fi and Clu to a rip in space-time in a St. Louis backyard.

Lost (4/12/00)
On the way to Charlston, Fi gets weird e-mails that turn out to be from a girl in a coma.

Will O' The Wisp (4/19/99)
In Marfa, Texas, a troublesome spunkie takes over Jack's body and doesn't want to leave.

Season #2
fall 1999

Medium (8/27/99)
Fi trys to fin! d someone who can contact her dead father's spirit, whos presence Molly thinks she can feel in the recording studio.

Drive (9/3/99)
When Jack takes his driving test, the car seems to have a mind of its own about where it wants to go.

Siren (9/3/99)
Carey falls for a young woman with a hypnotic voice.

Nightmare (9/17/99)
Fi, Jack, and Clu find that they are all having the same nightmare.

Listen (9/24/99)
Fi comes to a farm town where the people can read minds. SheDaisy guest stars.

Mutiny (10/1/99)
Clu finds a piece of driftwood that seems to have a strange effect on Ned.

Boo (10/8/99)
A Halloween gig in a strange New England town turns into a nightmare. Henry Winkler guest stars.

Werewolf (10/15/99)
While at a B&B, Fi suspects that the animal preying on the town's livestock may be the owner's daughter, changed into a werewolf.

Second Generation (10/22/99)
Fi meets a young man who may be the clone of his genius father.

Oopa (11/5/99)
When the rich, computer genius,(from 'Simplicity') is attracted to Molly, Fi gets a chance to examine a mysterious "out of place artifact" that turns ot to be an ancient computing devise.

Banshee (11/12/99)
Fi fears that a Banshee has come to announce the death of her grandfather.

Strange Geometry (11/19/99)
As Molly shoots a music video in an abandoned building, Fi discovers a portal to the spirit world. Molly lets her in on the secret that Rick was into the paranormal, just like Fi, before he died.

Fountain (12/10/99)
On Christmas eve, a magic soda fountain sends Fi back in time for an important lesson.

Fall (1/7/00)
Ned's childhood friend Sam gets caught up in a re-enactment of a tragic accident.

Destiny (1/21/00)
The Will O' the Wisp that once possessed Jack, returns, this time jumping into Molly. The Moffats guest star.

Blues (2/11/00)
A hauting blues song provides clues to a past murder.
*Avatar* (2/25/00)
Molly, Jack and Carey find themselves trapped inside a virtual world.

James Garr (3/17/00)
Fi discovers that Carey's hospital roommate was revived after being frozen in an experiment.

Troll (4/1/00)
At a roadside diner, Fi's companions disappear one by one, seemingly turning into vegtables.

Fathom (4/22/00)
Molly's new boyfriend turns out to be a merman.

Roswell (5/6/00)
A homeless man turns out to be in possession of an artifact from the Roswell UFO crash.

Vampire (5/20/00)
Fi finds out that Jack's online tutor's the OSSN, are really vampires trying to recriute members.

Shelter (6/3/00)
When Fi trys to expose abuse at an animal shelter, a mad doctor turns her into a dog.

Encore (6/24/00)
Looking back at all the strange things that happened, Molly decides to end the tour.

Transplant (8/19/00)
Papa Bear loses the ability to play guitar after a heart transplant, and impulsively finishs his donor's alien
structure work.

Twin (8/19/00)
Fiona thinks her dead father is trying to reach her through his twin sister. She finds out that it is all a trick by an evil spirit to kill her. Her father saves her. *Tear jerker*

Season #3 00-01

Lightning Rod (8/28/00)
Annie, a new singer joins the tour as Fi trys to forget the paranormal and resume a normal life. Fi goes to live with her Aunt Melinda for the school year.

Talking Board (9/7/00)
Annie discovers an object that seems to predict the future.

Detention (9/14/00)
Enchanted watches trap Annie and Jack in perminent detention, until they can work out their differences.

Eddie's Desk (9/21/00)
Annie helps the restless ghost of a boy who wa teased in her school.

Voodoo (9/28/00)
At a benifit concert in Louisiana, Molly and Annie are put under a voodoo spell by Annie's old friend Sally.

Banglebye (10/5/00)
The perfect children in an Indiana town have! something to do with a video game.

Rewind (10/12/00)
At a historic recording studio in Chicago, Annie's voice is stolen by a mother who gives it to her daughter. Encouraged by the panther, Annie continues to sing and the daughter gives Annie her voice back.

Exit 13 (10/19/00)
At a roadside vendor in upstate New York, Annie finds a Native American artifact that causes time to repeat itself.

Carnival (11/2/00)
Visiting at a carnival in Nebraska, Molly, Irene, Carey, Ned and Jack are turned into sideshow attractions.

Earth 101 (11/9/00)
In Colorado, on their way home for Thanksgiving, the group unwillingly becomes the subject of alien experiments.

Beeing There (11/16/00)
The gang visits California, where a small town named Hiveburg has residents who act very strangely like bee's.

Changeling (12/7/00)
Annie, Clu, and Jack's babysitting job turns ugly when their infant charge is kiddnapped and replaced by a changeling.

Snapshot (12/14/00)
Annie suspects that a portriat photographer is stealing peoples souls, making them act like bad kids.

Still Life (12/21/00)
Annie and the gang become trapped inside a painting, along with an unpleasent painter.

Grave Mistake (3-2-01)
Margret, and old friend of Molly's seeks her help, claiming a ghost is trying to kill her.

Pen Pal (3-16-01)
Annie recieves postcards from herself and realizes that her alter ego is on vacation in a parallel universe. But when the two worlds combine, there is room for only one Annie!

The Muse (4-6-01)
Annie and the others try to help an uninspired Molly find her muse before her next performance. Matt Johnson guest stars as "Molly's Muse"

The Great Incanto (5-4-01)
The gang picks up a magicain named Inky, who wreaks havoc into their motor home. Inky has stolen his masters magic tricks and is on the run.

Meow (5-11-01)
While visting an old friend (Jen) in Illinos, Annie finds that a mummy is o! n the loose in her closing Egyptology museum. The mummy wants re-united with its pet cat - Can Annie save Jen from an eternal curse?