Here's a place for the one and only Fiona Phillips! Yes, she has left the show but we won't forget her!

    Facts on Fi:

Fi's real name is Fiona Phillips. Fi's a 15 year old girl, she has a rock star Mom and lives on a tour bus. Her older brother Jack, never believes any of Fi's paranormal encounters. Born in Hope Springs, Colorado her dad died when she was 3.

   Facts on Cara:

Cara Deliza is a wonderful actor who enjoys bowling, karate, skateboaring, basketball and sour candy. She guest starred on Mad About You as Mabel. Cara's birthday is April 10 1984. Cara's fave So Weird episode is Singularity.

Fi's List of How Her and Her Dad Are Alike (From the episode The Fall)

cry at home movies

dance on Christmas Eve

play guitar

sometimes look alike

like weird things

hate Rocky Road