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Updates: I updated Spirit Animals so go see what your spirit animal is! I changed the site of the month. Not many updates, but my Alexz Johnson Fan Site is FINALLY up and running again! So go check it out! I updated The Guys section, with new EvD pictures. Sorry for making you wait so long but, my editor was messed up and I couldn't publish. Tommrow should be more updates, 'cause I have a half day of school (YEAH!). Any of you Eric Lively/Carrey fans and Pat Levis/Jack fans better head over to The Guys section and vote for your favorite guy! (Who ever has the most votes each week will get pictures added to the guys section. Last week Erik von Detten won, so Eric and Pat fans better get voting!)

I've been busy all weekend so that's why I haven't updated! Thanks to the very few people for visiting! I need people to send me Episode Reviews of Mr. Magnetism because I didn't see it and want to know what everyone though about it! I added a new edition to The SW E-Zine!

I added Episode Reviews to the Interact section. The end of the month is coming so if you want your site to be site of the month e-mail me! I know I keep telling you to visit but I really enjoyed making the site and nobody goes there! I added some reviews to Episode Reviews

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